local organization team up for monthly open mike night Young people from Trail and beyond will take their creative energy from home to centre stage this weekend in the city’s first Kootenay Cypher. A cypher refers to a casual gathering where rappers and the music minded share rhythm, rhyme and flow. "It’s pretty much hanging out and rapping on a beat," says Matt Sherbinin, a local youth spearheading the event in partnership with the Youth Community Development Centre Michael kors handbags (YCDC). "There is no judgment and it is open to anyone who wants to come. It’s an open mike kind of a thing." Sherbinin,19, is a Trail musician who chi flat irons first began his musical foray as a young boy with a set of drums. Since then, he’s moved away from tapping the skins to using his voice as an instrument. "Around the age of 13 I started getting into hip hop and my cousin started to rap," he said. "I thought it was really cool and started free styling with my friends and listening to beats." He soon became obsessed
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